Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little newness

I finally received my little white chic table I had ordered. It's stable and beautiful and really goes with the rest of my decor.
I think my Ray Caesar and Mark Ryden prints look at home here, don't you?
My hubby already put up my new bookcase. As I dusted and placed each book on the shelves, I knew this would be a good spot for my little female Betta fish, Ponyo. Can you see the little black streak in the fishbowl? Yes, that's my sweetheart fish :)
I also received these two Juicy charms in the mail yesterday,
I wonder which purses they'll go on?
No patients or school today, just me, myself and a book.
I hope your day is just as serene.


  1. Everything is so pretty! How sweet. I admire your style!!

  2. These are gorgeous! Love the chic table, the bookcase and the charms - everything! Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx