Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Birthday Turned Wedding Re-Do

Spring is certainly synonymous with love! And with that in mind, the hubby and I have decided to incorporate into my birthday party a re-do of our wedding. We felt it was the perfect time! Our friends are all here to accompany us, we have done so much this last year- I started my own private practice, our home is falling into place, what better time than now! I am so excited!
Today I bought a large tiered chocolate fountain in which to melt white chocolate for our fondue. Fluffs of pink cotton candy have been ordered as well as candies for our candy buffet :)
I even started working on the bunting below which will hang by our candy table.
These are some of the glassine bags that will be filled with candy for our guests to take home.
*glassine bags by Linen-Chic (Ebay)*
We will be doing cupcakes with sparklers to celebrate my birthday and a traditional wedding cake for us. I think I am more excited for our wedding re-do than I was at our wedding. I can't wait to share the pictures with you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just a house or a home?

Through the years I've learned it is highly important to surround yourself with colors and objects you like, not what necessarily is in everyone's homes or considered the norm. When you buy something you love, you will display it with pride and happiness and the good energy associated with that feeling will radiate from that object into your home. No matter the price tag, no matter if its a flea market or high end designer store buy. Our homes tell a story about us, about the people who live there, about the love and effort that was put making a house into a home.
My husband and I both love white, clean and sea glass tones. I also like incorporating old with the new as you can see here in my dining room. Do you?
My hubby found both this milkshake maker and vintage mixer he cleaned up nicely for me.
They add a splash of color to an otherwise sterile steel kitchen.
These tones are equivalent to serenity for me.
Even my Foo Dogs are turquoise.
What makes your house a home?

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Pink Fairytale Inspiration Board

Well, here they are- the thing I have so far purchased for my (The corset and tutu are similar but not these exact ones) We were first planning to do the party here at my home, float balloons in the pool etc..., but since April in the Pacific means usually showers, we decided on hosting my at my parents home where there is room to set up walled canopies. So far we purchased the items shown here (cake is a gift from my mom's bf) aside from a 30 ft white canopy and an extra 20 ft. canopy. We figure it's an investment we can get a whole lot of use from. I also discovered ebay is a great place to get pink lights on white string when it's not Christmas :)

It's still a couple of weeks away, but planning is a must! I am blessed to have friends who are awesome and always there for me. And it doesn't hurt that one of them is a wedding designer/coordinator :)
I feel so lucky :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Little surprises :)

I finally received my Lolita Lempicka Fleur de Corail. The bottle is indeed gorgeous and the color soothing. The scent, well, at first spray it reminded me a bit of Shalimar. Hmm. Fortunately the dry down was delicious!
I've always dreamed of owning a real soft, fluffy Alpaca. I don't think my tribe of chihuahuas would take of it kindly, so the next best thing was this pink one my hubby surprised me with as a very early present.
Thank you love.
Speaking of b.days, today I finished making my very simple DIY invitations for my themed party. Ladies are required to dress like dreamy, ethereal dolls. Think Marie Antoinette flying on a cloud over Tokyo! The men will be wearing all white. I can't wait!
I have a bit more planning to do.
See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little newness

I finally received my little white chic table I had ordered. It's stable and beautiful and really goes with the rest of my decor.
I think my Ray Caesar and Mark Ryden prints look at home here, don't you?
My hubby already put up my new bookcase. As I dusted and placed each book on the shelves, I knew this would be a good spot for my little female Betta fish, Ponyo. Can you see the little black streak in the fishbowl? Yes, that's my sweetheart fish :)
I also received these two Juicy charms in the mail yesterday,
I wonder which purses they'll go on?
No patients or school today, just me, myself and a book.
I hope your day is just as serene.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Rain, rain go away...
I wanted to take my new Juicy's or Betsey's out to play :(
I hope you stay dry this day :)