Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just a house or a home?

Through the years I've learned it is highly important to surround yourself with colors and objects you like, not what necessarily is in everyone's homes or considered the norm. When you buy something you love, you will display it with pride and happiness and the good energy associated with that feeling will radiate from that object into your home. No matter the price tag, no matter if its a flea market or high end designer store buy. Our homes tell a story about us, about the people who live there, about the love and effort that was put making a house into a home.
My husband and I both love white, clean and sea glass tones. I also like incorporating old with the new as you can see here in my dining room. Do you?
My hubby found both this milkshake maker and vintage mixer he cleaned up nicely for me.
They add a splash of color to an otherwise sterile steel kitchen.
These tones are equivalent to serenity for me.
Even my Foo Dogs are turquoise.
What makes your house a home?


  1. What a lovely home! I agree that turquoise give that relaxing atmosphere. Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  2. It looks very clean! How do you do it? I think it is very pretty. Hmmm, what makes my house a home? The laughter of my children coming running down the old worn out staircase of our 100 year old house and me opening up my arms receiving them.

    We are minimalists and don't own much, our motto is 'life simply so that others may simply life' oh and it makes it easier to clean, lol!

    Love & Light to you!