Monday, November 29, 2010

Life- An Adventure

I look around me and I see fresh new paint on walls, a brand new enameled door, corners that need to be retouched and drop-cloth, paint guns and rollers scattered around my feet. There is a kitchen patiently waiting to be refaced, a chandelier showing off her newly scrubbed prisms to the empty walls.
As you can see we are going through renovating our house, and if that is not stressful enough, try doing it on a limited budget while trying to manage, promote and keep afloat two businesses.
This is the current adventure my life has signed me up for (with my permission of course), and although stressful at times, I make it a point to create moments of serenity for myself. Whether it is by reading, meditating, practicing yoga or just plopping down in front of the TV with my family I savor every little piece of these still moments.
I concentrate on the outcomes and work with the present.
Even in change there is not pretty only in the outcome, but if you look around in the present you're sure to find it as well.

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